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At Teeter Tots Montessori, we care and educate children ages 30 months to 5 years old. We are a Montessori program and use the materials, method and philosophy. We believe children are active learners. They need an environment were they can safely explore using all of their senses. Their learning grows from concrete to abstract, with many connecting steps in-between. Our rich learning environment is a child centered, nurturing, non-competitive place where children are willing to risk to stretch and grow. Children develop self-confidence and healthy self-esteem when they are accepted and respected as individuals and are part of a group. Children learn to accept each others differences and the ways in which they are the same in our culturally relevant program.



Judy Edwards

Linda Thompson

Completed her training in 1983 and is certified by the Montessori Institute of America. She continues her education and received her Masters in Early Childhood Education in 2021! She enjoys swimming, biking and hiking.

Completed her training in 1984 and is also certified by the Montessori Institute of American. She enjoys computer games as well as camping. Together, we bring sixty years of combined experience!


Teeter Tots has transformed since we purchased the small Kent School in 1988. In our commitment to children we will continue to grow, staying current with Early Education discoveries and research.


We are extraordinary because:


  • We potty train;

  • We tell children, "Your job is to take care of yourself and it is our job to teach you how";

  • We accept only 20 children in a warm, beautiful, home-like setting;

  • We model walking softly on the earth;

  • We accept children funded through the State;

  • We live our beliefs.


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